Are you caught between too many options and unable to figure out the right one?

Our decade long experience will come in handy!

Logistics & Automation

If you are seeking a high quality printer that produces pixel perfect quality and allows large advertising images comprised of graphics, maps and other information, we recommend one of the below options:

Smart Education

As an educational institute/university, you would want to set a trend by choosing one of our highly recommended printers that will print ‘generation next’ documents and print materials which adds a new dimension to one’s learning experience

High-end GIS and mapping

Take advantage of these latest high quality printers that have been designed and built on enhanced technology to give you a high printed output of aerial images, detailed drawings/illustrations and more!

Graphic Design Studio

Leave an everlasting impression on your clientele’s mindset by showcasing large formats of your graphics and presentations by picking one of these recommended printers

Take your infrastructure to next level

Boost your IT’s infrastructure to the next level by selecting one of these HP Designjet ePrinters that offers high quality print output with web connectivity, allowing you to have an edge over competitors

Printing Services

If you are a service provider that has an outdated printer, its time you boost your sales by selecting one of these high-end printers that optimizes and enhances your productivity for any scale of requirement.

Precision Personified

By purchasing one of these highly recommended HP Designjet ePrinters, you are bound to experience a flawless technology that delivers top quality print materials which will provide an x factor to your sales and presentation team.

Smart Startup

How often do startups fade away even before getting noticed? We are here to help you in a way! Improve your sales, presentation and marketing strategies by using one of our below recommended printers that will give your business, the much needed acceleration to reach out to customers and show them what you are capable of.

Retail Sector

With help of our high-performance HP printers, you can create and publish various large format advertisements and offers that get easily noticed by your consumers for your retail stores.

Other Sectors

Our high performance printers are suitable to one and all, because we don’t wish to stereotype ourselves to a particular market / genre. Anyone that does business or has frequent requirements of printing high quality graphics, documents, presentations is welcome to choose one of our recommendations.

Why are we considered one of the top resellers for HPjet?

Below are some of the testimonials from our happy customers who have richly benefited from buying our products!


We strongly believe that offering a well planned and meticulous service doesn’t strike through if the core team is not reliable! Our ever reliable team will never err!

On Time

We give a lot of prominence to on-time delivery to our customers, no matter where they are. This is one of our key strengths that makes us a distinct hpjets service provider.

After-Sales Support

How many times have you gone through a service provider that didn’t pick your calls or make you felt ignored? Our success hasn’t shaped over night and its due to our responsive after-sales support that we are still in the business and more importantly doing well!

Nationwide Services

Geography isn’t a barrier for our services as we thrive to be a nationwide brand that sells top quality hpjet printers. We have nationwide delivery model that is quick, agile and professional. Based on your order, we will process it at the earliest!

Our Services – Strengths – Support

Apart from having the distinction of being a ‘HP Gold Partner’, We are also ably recognized by a wide spectrum of consumers comprising of small businesses, enterprises and large scale industries as a ‘go-to’ provider for their printing requirements. Apart from offering installation services, we also offer after-sales support to ensure you stay on top of your work and print much needed documents, presentations and other material without any hassles. If you are looking to order / buy large print format printers, we have a lot of options for you to choose from.

Our knowledge-base is vast

Unlike a lot of agencies that merely sell products, acting as intermediaries between the manufacturer and end consumer, we at know our products extremely well. Our friendly, yet professional consulting will ensure your requirements are met with a diligent approach and you end up selecting the right format HP printer for your personal, commercial purposes. Our management team has a wealth of experience in the industry and can always make themselves available for any kind of support you may need. Our support staff has been meticulously trained to offer various phases of support such as installing, troublshooting, loading optimal performances and creating a network that would allow you to share your printing solutions with others in the premises.

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