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HPDESIGNJET Plotter repair service and maintenance

For you to obtain high-quality, flawless printouts, it is critical for your printing, plotting and copying equipment to  perform to the best of their ability.

Our trained and seasoned IT engineers are always around to help your business continuity by ensuring that your HP printer is up and running with minimal downtime.

We provide fast, reliable and cost effective support for your printing and plotting equipment.

If you have a HP printer that is not performing to its optimal capacity, one of the possible causes might be a corrupted or malfunctioning plotter. We offer plotter repairing and its maintenance  at affordable costs throughout Canada.  Apart from attending printers that are warranted, we also undertake out of warranty printers and ensure they work to their maximum potential.

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Our Methodology

One of the biggest problems in the printing industry is lack of reliable technicians and engineers that resolve the problems of end consumers in a transparent manner. How many times have you come across your friends and colleagues expressing their dis-satisfaction at being billed more for their printer’s repair? How many times have you heard of someone complaining of their printer’s plotter being replaced without being inspected?

We at HPdesignjet follow industrial standards and offer transparent plotter repair and maintenance services. Irrespective of whether or not your HP printer is warranted, we undertake all requests and process them under the supervision of certified engineers. If you have an urgent requirement, get in touch and we will expedite it at the earliest.

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